Sunday, September 8, 2013

Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Kat Gone?

A blog post!  I'm writing a blog post for the first time, in, like, 3 months!!!  Can I get a woot woot?

Where have I been and what have I been doing, you might ask?  (Please...ASK, or this will be really short.)  Since we last spoke, my life has been a series of magical, mystical, wonderful opportunities and wacky adventures, such as the internet has never known.  Fasten your seatbelts, folks:

NEWSFLASH 1 - In a few short weeks, I will become MRS. THOR!  I know, right!  Can you frickin' believe it??!!  Thor and I are getting married in early October, and then we're going to HAWAII, BABY! 

NEWSFLASH 2 - My youngest, The Boy, has decided to live with his father for this school year.  Yes, it's 150 miles away. Yes, I miss him horribly.  Yes, I feel like a rather substantial chunk of my soul has been torn out.  However, at this stage in his life, I think it's actually a good decision for him.  I can't even TELL YOU how much I owe to Allana Pratt, my life coach, for getting me through this - for making this about empowering my son to make decisions, and for NOT making this about me and what I want.

NEWSFLASH 3 - After 3 1/2 years, I'm a little over the blogging thing.  I don't mean that I'm never blogging again; far from it.  I will probably be increasing my blog posts substantially after I get back from my honeymoon. THAT WOULD BE IN FREAKIN' HAWAII, BABY!  Anyhow, what I mean is, for my newest project, I'm not going to blog about it.  I'm going all "super legit real grown-up writer" on it, and I'm writing a book.  I won't be writing about it for you as it happens.  Instead, I'll be using my blog time to sharpening my writing skills, to complete my fear-facing checklist, and to keep on with restaurant reviews.  (This assumes that once I become Mrs. Thor, we still go out to dinner.)

I've tried the "write a blog then turn it into a book when you are done" thing.  It did NOT go well.  Admittedly, the one I tried to do it with was my Robert Downey blog, and that was one of the worst years of my life....I wasn't Jonesing to relive all that bullshit.  I thought I could; I did it for, oh, 36 hours and decided that moving on with my life and having a healthy mind was more important than selling tens of books.

I didn't come to this decision lightly, or quickly, for that matter.  I ruminated over it for a couple months before it occurred to me that I actually have a normal, healthy relationship with a member of the opposite sex for the first time in my life, and HE could offer ME some insight and advice!!  Who knew that's how it worked?  So I hashed it out with Thor.  Do I blog my project?  Do I not?  Do I just dump it all?  How many more "anonymous" comments from douchebags do I really need in my life?  He summed it up in a nice, tidy Thor package with this sentence:

"Are you a blogger, or are you a writer?"

So there you have it.

NEWSFLASH 4 -  I've got a book project.  It's a "Kat does something she's never done"-type project, and I started on September 1.  A few people in my inner circle know about it.  But here's the kicker - I don't know if I'm supposed to TELL people about it.  When I blogged, the project du jour was live - you heard about it as each milestone was reached.  But now...I don't know how this part works.  Do I advertise it to the world?  I need a real memoir writer to tell me what to do here.  Gawd I wish AJ Jacobs read my blog.

I know that a real writer does read my blog.  So, calling CHELSEA CAIN, NY TIMES BEST-SELLING AUTHOR - who put on her Facebook page that I'M HER FAVORITE BLOGGER - what do I do?  Do I tell everyone, or do I keep in on the down low?

And now we wait....

After 4 newsflashes, I think you are pretty much up to speed. I'm excited (as usual) to start this new phase.  I'm excited (as usual) to see what direction these blog posts take.  I'm excited (not as usual) to get married. 

By the way, dearest reader - you are welcome to leave your vote on the "tell or not tell about the project" question.  I cherish all input, even from sources other than CHELSEA CAIN, NY TIMES BEST-SELLING AUTHOR, WHO SAYS I'M HER FAVORITE BLOGGER AND ONCE WROTE A LIFE-CHANGING NOTE IN MY BOOK THAT SHE AUTOGRAPHED FOR ME. 

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